About Us


Side / Sorgun-Titreyen/Shaking lake Tourizm center  located in coastline, walking distance of the waterfront, having private beach, operating in the concept of all inclusive is an island surrounded by the sea, lake, the river and fantastic forest coastline. Geographic location in which our hotel is located, is one of the rare places in the world, it has a natural coolness due to its micro climate. Its name in the nature is "PARADISE PRAIRIE". it is haunt  of 121 bird species from 18 different countries and is a spawning area of caretta caretta. In addition, you are able to find the opportunity to watch the Mediterranean's   kinds of fish in the natural environment in our port.  This forestland is also host to a variety of flora and fauna species.  We are a hotel adopting as a principle to protect such habitat and loving the sports and the environment.
It is the North Star guiding, bringing luck and the good news, not changing its place in the universe, radiating so much,  its image not to be closed by another satalite, the nearest star to the moon. At the same time, the meaning of Nashira (NAS is the name of sura and HIRA  is the name of mountain in ARABIAN Peninsula),  it is rumored that the Prophet Muhammad lived in seclusion in order to complete his spiritual ascent and he went there in his troubled days to achieve the peace and also it is rumored that the Prophet Jesus was born in the Nashira.